District: Kolkata
Sl. District School Name Category Intake
1 Kolkata Parents? Own Clinic for Deaf Children For Hearing Impaired 21-Edn(MEE)dt 5.1.00
2 Kolkata Speech & Hearing Institute Research Centre For Hearing Impaired 117 Edn (SE) dt 26.2.85
3 Kolkata Anubhab For Mentally Retarded & Hearing Impaired 869-MEE/Sectt dt 26.6.01
4 Kolkata Care & Counselling Centre For Mentally Retarded & Hearing Impaired 244-MEE/Sectt dt 26.2.01
5 Kolkata Society for the Visually Handicapped For Visually Impaired 874-MEE/Sectt dt 27.6.01
6 Kolkata Behala Bikashayan For Mentally Retarded 832-MEE/Sectt dt 18.6.01
7 Kolkata Institute of Educational & Psychological Research For Mentally Retarded
8 Kolkata Mentaid For Mentally Retarded 603/MEE/Sectt dt 17.5.07
9 Kolkata Morning Glory Integrated School For Mentally Retarded 205-MEE/Sectt dt 23.2.09
10 Kolkata Ahead For Mentally Retarded 1131/MEE/Sectt dt 29.10.09